24 September 2014

summer list 2014

What we'd like to do this summer (from June 2014)...
by Cole, Maya, Abi and Paul 

A Random act of kindness
Alderwood Mall
Attend a dance class - Abi
Bailey boat trip
Begin The Order of the Phoenix
Build a treehouse -- Cole
Buy a ferry ticket or a cup of coffee for the car behind
Catch a crab
Catch a salmon
Climb a rock wall
Cole's baby book
Complete a summer math book -- Maya
Complete a summer math book -- Cole
Complete (work through) a summer math book -- Abi
Complete Pilates Practical Hours -- Abi
Concert in the park
Cookout with Friends
Create a Family Emergency Preparedness Kit
Create our 2014 Summer List 
Date night
Dock yoga
Drink a hot chocolate
Drink a latte
Drive-in movie
Driving range
Earn camp fee for Malibu -- Maya
Eat Nigerian food
Eat sushi
Family Camping Trip to Chelan
Finish The Goblet of Fire
Finish Pilates Advanced Mat Training
Fredrickson hangout
Garden maintenance
Get a Manicure
Get a Pedicure
Get engagement ring repaired
Get in the Pool -- Abi
Get in the Pool -- Paul
Get two more properties in contract -- Paul
Go bowling
Go for a hike (Deception Pass)
Go rockhounding 
Go to City Beach
Go to Costco
Hang with Uncle David
Indoor skydiving -- Abi and Cole
Island Shakespeare Festival -- Abi
Jump in a lake
Kayak at Greenlake
Lakeside - Cole
Lakeside - Maya
Learn Five New Words -- Abi
Make a new friend
Make guacamole
Make ice cream
Marimba Camp
(Enter the) Maxwelton 4th of July Parade
Movie @ The Clyde
Mulcahy crab feed 2.0
New car for dad
New phone for mom
Paint Escape
Pick berries
Picnic at Cranberry Lake
Play a board game
Play a round of Miniature Golf
Play tennis
Pokemon Play Date
Purchase a summer beach bag
Purchase Flip-flops
Purchase New beach towels
Purchase tickets to see A Chorus Line in September
Repair the Rope Swing
Ride a train
School supply shopping
See "The Fault In Our Stars"
Set up Surfaces
Sit in a coffee shop
Soccer camp - Cole
Soccer camp - Maya
Sounders game on Mulcahy boat
Summer bracelets
Summer clothes shopping
Summer reading -- Maya
Summer reading -- Cole
Summer reading -- Abi
Summer scrapbook -- Maya
TP Worthys and Kellers -- Paul
Trip to Idaho
Visit a mountain
Visit a new city in WA
Visit a San Juan Island (in a fast boat)
Visit a water park (Silverwood or Wild Waves) 
Visit an art museum
Visit Greenlake
Visit Kerry Park 
Visit Rosario Beach 
Visit the Dentist
Visit the Gorge
Visit the Grand Coulee Dam
Visit the LeMay Car Museum
Visit the Mannings
Visit the Museum of Glass
Visit the Point Defiance Zoo and Park
Visit with Uncle Tolu and Auntie Fofo
Visit with Grandma Abiose
Visit with Grandma Karen
Visit with Grandpa Gbo and Grandma Sade
Visit with Papa Dick and Ms. Marlene
Visit with the Nollans
Volunteer @ Good Cheer
Weekly (Monthly) blog post  Abi
Workout in the park with friends
Wrestle dad
Yoga deck and fern maintenance

And some other things we did that weren't on the list...
Walk on the Beach
Clam Digging
Fit 18 Helium Balloons in a Smart Car!
Visit the Olympic Sculpture Park
Visit the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum
visit the Seattle Center
Boeing tour with Grandpa Gbo
Visit the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Play in the Fountain at the Seattle Center
Dance-dance Revolution and Skee-Ball!!
New Car for Mom
Watch a Hydroplane race
Walk with a Friend
Visit with 3 of 5 Gardiners
Visit with Breezy, Ryan, Donna, etc.

It was another great summer. And, I'm SO glad it's over!

20 September 2014

first day