18 March 2011

daylight savings

The Schoenbachers came up from Olympia last weekend. It rained. We talked. We zumba'd. We grilled. We bowled. We played games. We stayed up late. We lost an hour. We brunched. It kept on raining, and we had a good time nonetheless...

16 March 2011


On the way home from school, the kiddos and I happened into a car-ride conversation about mammals. I don't recall exactly how we got there, but we did. For 15 minutes, we brainstormed all the mammals we could think of: monkeys, horses, hippos, cats, dogs... Mrs. Itaya.

We wondered about pigs and discussed warm blood, cold blood, feathers and fur. We considered snakes, reptiles, birds and fish.

What if it's sunny outside and you are cold-blooded. What if it's snowing and you are warm-blooded?

"What if you are bald, are you still a mammal?" Maya asked.

If a man is bald, might he still have fur on his arms and under them? On his legs or his toes or his back, in his ears, on his face or elsewhere? She pondered this, then turned to Cole.

"Will you have a beard?" she asked. And together, the three of us shared a good laugh.

While driving 55 on 525, I turned to picture my sweet-faced, smooth skinned, dimpled little boy all huffy and gruff with facial hair. I'm not sure whether to chortle or to sob about the the idea of Cole shaving.

04 March 2011

bewitched by bugs bunny


Another day. Another load of laundry. Another kid-sock gone missing... and I'm here on my chair this stormy Friday afternoon, marveling and wondering: how in the world is this POSSIBLE??