24 February 2011

feels like home

It's winter on Whidbey... and this morning it feels like it. 

The first flakes fell upon yesterday's conclusion, and this morning, we awoke to crisp air, the wonder or white and exciting news of a 2-hour school delay! 

My kiddos spent their matutinal gift in snowdrifts, Paul played with the camera, and I was breathless and speechless as I soaked it all in. Right now I feel warm, and I'm basking in fond thoughts of home.

LOVE this.  

21 February 2011

a staycation

seattle - midwinter break 2011



dream date

Upon my return from my fourth Nutcracker with Maya,
Cole asked me out on a date -- his dream date. 
Saturday was our big (and beautiful) day. 

10 February 2011

super bowl

Paul was sunning with his brother post-surgery in San Diego, so the kids and I flew solo last weekend. We missed the big game on Sunday -- it was one of a handful of times in the last couple years that I've missed our big ole' Trinitron -- but we made the best of it...


Happy Birthday, Ms. Barbara!!

january '11