28 February 2010

24 February 2010

signs of spring

I fondly remember Maya's predictable days of old. One of my favorite memories is her daily, midday costume change. When the clock struck three, my princess disappeared to her room, and without fail, she went from pigtails and dresses to a pink ball gown and tiara.

My friend Paula once encouraged me to enjoy the sweetness of those days, because they would just end one day. Impossible, I think I responded aloud.

Paula was right.

Along side kindergarten came the school bus, the Tooth Fairy, the mysterious appeal of teenagers and hot lunches and the end of dresses. Maya -- the artist, the independent -- emerged with Autumn's vibrant colors.

As the days got shorter and colder, Maya's costumes changed. She began to roll her eyes at suggestions of hair clips, long-sleeved shirts or heaven forbid, skirts. Instead, she preferred to do her own hair, brush her own teeth and pick out her own clothes. By Christmas, we had purged her closets of all her unworn dresses and replaced them with consigned basics of her new outfit of choice: a t-shirt, athletic pants, an oversized sweatshirt and rain boots.

"This too shall pass," my mom said recently with a knowing smile.

Early last week, Maya was the first to notice the tiny pink buds blossoming on our neighbor's tree. Since then, the cherry blossoms have blossomed, and clusters of trees all over town are covered in pink.

Paul invited Maya to a local Daddy-Daughter ball, which they attended over the weekend. I was shocked when Maya described the outfit she had in mind for the night: a long skirt that touched the ground and gloves, maybe (huh?!). The second shock came when we entered Maya's closet on Friday afternoon and found NOT EVEN ONE dress.

Nevertheless, we took our chances and spent Saturday in the sun. Paul, the kiddos and I drove up the Island to Ebey's Landing for a picnic and a hike. It was glorious.

On the way home, we stopped by Good Cheer, a thrift store in Freeland. Just past the few girls' dresses, Maya uncovered a satin lilac skirt -- size 10 (no matter, it touched the floor) and a cranberry top (size 6... phew) with flecks of silver in it. Perfect.

She asked me if I would please help her to do her hair before she and her daddy left home for their date. OF COURSE, I obliged.
To my surprise (and sheer delight), she opted for pigtails.

last weekend

Fourteen years after he first kissed my cheek...

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