28 May 2009

last day

Schools out for the summer!!!!

Maya and Faith

Cole and his boys - Magnus, Aidan and Joe

Maya and Ms. Cyndie

The graduate!

27 May 2009


a train ride

We spent good time with dear friends this Memorial Day weekend. We were the first stop on Melissa, Joel, Eli and Beckett's sabbatical vacation. Their visit afforded moment-by-moment reminders of the beauty, wisdom, provision and grace in friendship. Time and distance and chaos didn't matter so much. The eight of us picked up where we left off and we lived life and love with one another. It was sticky, and it was sweet.

One of the highlights of this weekend was
a wet and memorable train ride on the Georgetown railway. The rain let up, we made our train, the kids had a blast and eventually, the sun shined down on us.

new old friends

Cole, Eli, Maya and Beckett - 5/09

Cole, Eli, and Maya (pre-Beckett) - 8/06

17 May 2009

celebrating demola

This weekend, the fam got together in Omaha to celebrate Demola.
My stepbrother is officially a college graduate!

Cheers to the graduate!


senior year... revisited

Folayo and Demola
Best Smile

Abi and Paul
Most Likely to get Married

Best Personality

Most likely to succeed

15 May 2009


En route to Omaha...