22 April 2009

18 April 2009

classic cole

sandwiches on a stick

Do not be deceived. This Family Fun photo op was not my idea!

Actually, Maya discovered this "recipe" on a snowy Spring Saturday in a magazine. She and Cole LOVE it so much that I had to share. It's quick, easy, the kids get to be involved and creative, and best of all, they eat their veggies. Just grab a couple skewers, toast and cut some bread, put bite-sized fixin's (i.e. cheese, turkey, avocado, peppers, tomatoes, pears, mangos... whatever tickles your fancy) on a platter, and let the little one's (but not too little) loose!

14 April 2009

easter '09


The highlight of our weekend was the few days Uncle David spent with us. We didn't have kids, he was shorter than Paul and we lived in California the last time he stayed with us, and it's been two-and-a-half years since we've seen him. Although much has changed, it felt like we fell into step within a few moments together.

I can't put my finger on anything particular that made David's visit so special. We slept in, swam, went to a surprise party, watched a movie and did yard work. We shared good meals, better conversation, and we just were. We spent two come-as-you-are and be-as-you-will-be days together, and they were magical.

Sadness rushed over us like a wave Saturday morning in the minutes before we had to say goodbye. It hit Cole, then me, then Maya, and it flowed and it flowed. We shed tears that didn't stop even after Paul and David drove away. I can't remember the last time we cried like that. This was one of those weekends when you just feel blessed and grateful to love and to be alive.

you are invited

We've enjoyed visits with all sorts of people*
we adore in the last few weeks, and we've LOVED it.

*Nonna (aka Donna) with the kiddos


*Grandma Abiose

*Uncle Tolu

*Li'l Ella

*Grandpa Gbo

*Grandma Sade

*Uncle David...

So, here's the deal. If you haven't been to town or come over in a while, PLEASE STOP BY!!

evergreen lake

We skate!!