09 November 2007

sunny and 72

... a BEAUTIFUL day at the Denver Zoo
(hey... that rhymes!)

giraffe and a tree


a porcupine


momma and baby

mckenna and maya


SUCH a good day!

07 November 2007


This high chair has been in our home as long as we have - nearly 3.5 years.
As much as an eyesore as this bad boy is, he has served my family well. He's been chewed on, spit up on, pounded on, knocked over, climbed over, and he's provided hours of entertainment to my little "imaginators."

No idea why, but I've been holding out and holding on. No longer.

Today was Cole's first full day in a big
boy seat at the table. He did great. Maya too. The kiddos looked so sweet sitting side by side at the table today. During lunch, they kept feeding each other soybeans.... ohhhhhh.

Another day gone. Another milestone. Yet another reminder that my babies aren't babies anymore. Yeah.