23 July 2007


My wide-eyed kiddos sat at the table tonight - watchful - waiting to see what was in the big black pot on the stove. I placed the sectioned plates on the table and dished out dinner...

Maya (with eyes turned down in disappointment): "Momma, I don't really like this kind of soup."

Me: "Love, I know you'll like it if you just try it."

She thinks about it for a while, then samples the soup on her spoon.

Me: "Do you like it?"

Maya (grinning): "Yes... it's good."

I (donning a satisfied smile, with saucepan and ladle in tow) begin my retreat to the kitchen when she speaks up...

Maya: "Momma, you are such a good cooker. You are the momma, and there is no one more precious than you to make dinner."

Almost immediately, my thoughts scrambled into formation for a discourse on gender roles and the fact that daddas and uncles and grandmas and grandpas and anyone else can cook dinner, not just mommas. Just as I opened my mouth to begin my lecture, I SAW the sweet look that accompanied my daughter's statement. She was affirming, appreciating and THANKING me. My heart flooded, my lecture seemed irrelevant and I was left speechless. Everything except the genuine gratitude in her eyes fell to the floor in our exchange over soup.

Me: "Thank you, honey. That was really sweet."

Maya: "You're welcome."

13 July 2007

dam - a good day

Like I said, today started out fantastically well, but it only got better...

I've been really busy this week and feeling like I needed (and wanted) to spend some quality time with my kiddos. I got the bright idea to take them to the Denver Art Museum today. As you can imagine this could be a hit or miss idea with a rambunctious two year-old and a princess-of-a-three year old.

Well, It was a hit - I mean a grand slam kind of a hit. We had SUCH a good time today.

Maya and Cole LOVED the museum and more specifically, the artwork. They were enthralled with the larger-than-life stories on canvas. There were colors and textures and
shapes and all sorts of intriguing things for them to see. For hours - literally - we strolled through rooms filled with centuries of European Art, Native American Art, African Art, American Art, Spanish-Colonial Art, Modern Art and just plain FREAKY art. We dialogued about the intricacies and complexities and simplicities of piece after piece after piece. At 10 to 3 my kids were still going strong (?!?!?!), and once we finally made our way to the car, we spent the whole time planning for our next museum excursion!!

I think I may have enjoyed today even more than my children did. Today may have seriously been one of the best days we've spent together (I wonder how many times I'll say that in my life). It really was awesome, and it was sheer joy to see my kids come alive in response to ART.

SHEER joy.

an ism

Paul went in to work late this morning (yay for us!!), so the kids and I got to enjoy some extra special daddy time. While making breakfast, I overheard a sweet exchange between my husband and daughter as they sat together on the kitchen floor behind me. It went like this...

Paul makes a joke (not funny).

Maya throws her head back in somewhat contrived laughter (she's learning), then sweetly says, ""Dadda, that knocks my head off!"

Paul looks at me perplexed, searching for meaning.

"Oh yeah, that means 'Dad, that cracks me up,'" I explain.

Now all three of us are laughing (Maya has no idea why).

"Are you still keeping that list of isms?" Paul asks.

"Yes," I respond as I catch my breath, eyes watering.

"That one should DEFINITELY be on it," he smiles.

As the skillet sizzles, Cole clamors exuberantly in the distance and Maya proudly beams in her Dadda's lap, the laughter diminishes, the ism is noted and our extra-special morning continues...

12 July 2007


Since he arrived on the seen, Cole has been a significant (and cute) presence in our family. In many ways, he's been the strong, silent type... well sort of... well not really, I guess... Definitely strong, but NEVER silent. He's always had something (lots of things) to say, I suppose. And then there's the sound level: the volume at which this little boy operates is astounding!

Still, Cole has been a man of few distinguishable words.

This week, however, my little boy has had a language explosion!!! All the sudden, he's speaking in full (short) sentences. It's still difficult to discern much of what he says, but then out come sentences no less...

"Bah choo-choo" (Bye train)

"Dadda! Hah Dadda" (Dad! Hi Dad)

"Whuhz Mahma?" (Where's Maya? (not to be mistaken with Momma))

"Aye wahn moh juh, Mah-Muh." (I want more juice, Momma (not to be mistaken with Maya))

"Um Ahhh-duh, Mah-muh..." (I'm all done, Momma)

His resounding voice is SO SWEET. I'm smiling just thinking about it.