18 June 2007

our birthday boy

Happy Birthday to you...

Happy Birthday to you...

Happy Birthday, dear Coley...

Happy Birthday to you!


Yesterday, with Grandma, we celebrated the two men in our lives...

It was Paul's 4th Father's Day and Cole's 2nd birthday.

13 June 2007

ma petite artiste

I was sitting here checking my email while Maya scribbled away behind me. She and I were in two different worlds - mostly unaware of one another.
After some time had passed, she spoke into the silence
and brought me into her own little paradise.

"Momma, can you help me with my picture?"

My eyes flooded and my heart raced when I finally looked down to see what Maya had been working on. It was one of the sweetest things I've EVER seen. With passion, my little artist described every detail of a day
in the life of our family...flowers, grass, the sun, the kiddos,
Dadda (in black...) and me (in yellow... go figure).

"Momma, do you know how to draw a lawn mower?" she asked.


06 June 2007


There is big, BIG news in the neighborhood...

Two doors down, little Ella got a new jungle jim!!!

Yesterday afternoon, Cole went over to conquer it,
and you'll never guess who won...