05 February 2007


I'm not certain exactly what it was, but I felt SO proud to be the mommy of my kids today. Perhaps I just availed myself - my mind, my time and my heart - to notice them more than I ordinarily do. Perhaps it was seeing hard evidence of the reality that my babies are growing up. Perhaps it was simply the inescapable, undeniable blessing that just comes with being a parent. Whatever it was, it was good.

COLE. For nearly 20 months, I have longed to hear my son speak. Periodically, he has uttered a handful of words, but on the whole, he has chosen to communicate through signs, squeals, smiles and silence. Over the last few days, however, Cole has had a language explosion. My heart has been kindled hearing my son's warm voice attempt words he has probably practiced in his head for months: "Muh-muh (momma), Da (dad), Mah (Maya), Ah-la (Ella), Nah-na Dawh (Nina the Dog), Moh (more), Noh (no), Choo-choo (train), Ah-ch (sneeze), Bah (Bye), Ah-lah (Holla - in response to "Coley, can you holla at your dad?")...

Honestly, I don't have the words to do justice. I can't begin to express
the warmth at my core when I hear my little boy communicate with words and engage in actual (well, sort of) conversations. Today, I feel pleased and proud and blessed and full.

MAYA. For over an hour today, Maya sat at her table scribbling away - intentionally selecting each color, methodically placing them on the page. Atop her little table behind me sits the beginning of a masterpiece. Her picture is SO beautiful. Across the back, in the most precious toddler penmanship is written, "M-Q-T-Q," Maya.

As I packed her lunch earlier tonight, I couldn't help but to feel that tug inside. My baby girl will begin her first day of preschool in the morning. It's just a half-day each week, but a new chapter, nonetheless. My little girl is writing, creating, risking and stepping into herself. It is an absolutely brilliant process to witness.

I love these kids. I ADORE them. I am honored to know them, and more, to parent them. I just had to share.