24 January 2007

the third chronicle of maya

a birthday story...

jake and elwood

maya and her dadda

the grandmas, the brother, the momma

maya and jake... or... elwood

her favorites

sweet time with damma karen

the wrath of the slippery stairs

baking with miss maya

THE birthday treat... "Ol' McDonalds"

mg and grandpa gbo

she shall have strawberry cake...

...without a fork.

papa in pink

spontaneous celebration with mercy, ella, lucy...

... and cole.

...happy birthday, dear maya... happy birthday to you.

11 January 2007


At least 15 times a day Maya will say or do something that leaves me speechless, flabbergasted or doubled-over in laughter. I call them her "isms." They are so precious. There are SO many... so many, in fact, that I've started to lose track.

I began recording her Isms a few weeks ago. One day, I hope to show her my list (maybe when she has children of her own) so we can laugh as we read it together. At minimum, I'll save it for the next 10-15 years to help us (me) get through adolescence (according to my mom, it can be brutal).

Here are a handful of Maya's isms...

THE MISPRONUNCIATIONS. Although Maya is quite articulate, there are still a handful of words she says that most people have NO idea how to interpret...

1. "Honey, may I have my nulk?" (Translation: "Mom, may I have a cup of milk?")

2. "Oh dear, my lew-giks over!!" (Translation: "Oh no, the CD (my music) ended)

3. "Alright, Honey. I'm ready to be forgespful." (Translation: Alright, mom. I'm ready to be respectful.")

THE SUBSTITUTIONS. Every once in a while, she'll throw the completely WRONG word into a sentence... It's pretty cute.

1. "Foley Moly, Cole!!" (Yeah, that would be, "Holy Moly ")

2. "May I take your fixture?" (Don't be offended, she means "picture")

3. "Momma, may I have some hairdresser for my salad?" (uh huh, aka "salad dressing")

THE DRAMA. My little girl is definitely an actress trapped in a toddler's body. She can turn it on like NO ONE else.

1. "HONEY!!!" she screams out in distress (or so I think). Naturally, I come running... "Look, I made a BIG ONE!!!" she exclaims as she draws my attention to the contents of the toilet.

2. No one can tickle or irritate Maya more than her little brother. When he's REALLY getting on her nerves, out of no where, she'll bust out with, " Stop it, Freddy! STOP IT." (Of course, Cole and I look at each other thinking the same thing... "Who in the world is Freddy?")

3. In the stillness of night or dinner or a seriously heated moment, Maya will randomly break out in high-pitched song (Sometimes a girl just needs to sing, I guess).

THE TALKER. I remember wondering, "What is this little girl thinking," when Maya was about 9 months old. "I can't WAIT until she can tell me," I thought. She pretty much hasn't stopped telling me since...

1. It absolutely amazes me that Maya can have 20-minute conversations with NO ONE. I'll hear her talking in her room. Curiously, I open the door and discover that she and Johnny (her imaginary friend and husband, whom we have all grown to know and love) have A LOT to say to one another.

2. Here is Maya in the middle of a 15-minute conversation with whoever was on the other end of her toy phone...

"...Mah-ahm, why are you taking my fixture?!?!?"
She seriously inquired. She proceeded to cover the receiver, then whispered, "I'm making a phone call."

THE FAMILY. Maybe it's a developmental thing, but Maya is obsessed with familial relationships...

1. "Momma, your mother's on the phone..." (You mean grandma?)

2. From ANYWHERE in the house, both kids can hear the key in the lock of the front door. They throw themselves into the arms of their daddy, and invariably Maya exclaims, "Honey, your husband's home!"

3. In those priceless moments when all four of us happen to settle into the same spot, Maya will squeal in delight, " The FAMILY!!"

THE GROWN-UP. There are some things that just sound FUNNY proceeding from the mouth of babe.

1. "Oh dear, I just spilled all the crayons..." (Oh DEAR?!?!)

2. "I don't want to talk to you anymore, Honey. I need some space..." (You're TWO!!)

3. "Well actually, Dadda..." (Where's this one going, we often wonder)

4. With a totally straight face, she'll explain, "Da-add, I'm JUST communicating..." (How can you argue with that one?)

5. "Cole. COLE. Please sit down! We are having a conversation..." (This is especially funny since Cole neither sits nor speaks)

THE SWEETHEART. And then she just does or says those things that melt my heart and level me to putty in her hands.

1. "Honey, you look SO beautiful" (she says it often... even when I don't).

2. "Here Cole, I got out some paper and crayons so we could color together." (Ohhhhhhhhh....)

3. "Dadda, I think I kind of like you... No, I LOVE you."

SO precious.