03 November 2006



Cole was playing with the phone (like he often does) while I was doing a little work on the computer. As I momentarily diverted my attention from the computer screen to his broad grin, I realized that someone was on the other end of the line.

ME: "Hello?? I apologize, I think my son just called you!"

HER: "That's OK, Ma'am. Can I just verify your address and phone number?"

ME: "I'm sorry, with whom am I speaking???"

HER: "This is 911 Emergency response..."

My beaming one-year old son called 911.


MAYA: " Honey, will you sing that where, oh where song about the doggie?"

ME: "Sure, Love... Oh where, oh where has my little dog gone..."

MAYA: "WAIT!!! Honey, you don't HAVE a dog!!

She's right.